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Re: ftpd-ssl

no, i try this, but it didn´t work.
And why does mkdir works and ls doesn´t or it does but the user can´t see

Thans a lot.

Ana Paula

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Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: ftpd-ssl

dear Ana Paula,

i "think" you need a copy of /bin/ls in the users ftp directory in order to
able to list files.


Robbert Helling.

Citeren Ana Paula Sabelli <aps@way.com.ar>:

> Hello,
> i have installed ftpd-ssl, and i want to chroot ftp access, so, i add the
> users I want to chroot in the file /etc/ftpchroot
> so that the user is unable to see anything else than their own directory,
> works but the user can´t see anything even his files but he can create a
> directory although he can´t see it.
> Some solution?
> Ana Paula



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