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Re: lsof +L1 - mysql.err.1 unlinked ...

At 15:11 Uhr +0300 07.01.2003, Do-Risika RAFIEFERANTSIARONJY wrote:
Hi everybody,

I have always these mysql.err.1 files not unlinked in all my mysqlservers, and only a mysqld restart resolve these (nor reload neither mysqladmin refresh doesn't unlink them).

Does anybody in the list encounter this problem ?

I'm seeing the same with lsof (I'm on Debian, too). But when I stop mysql, it writes the "mysqld ended" message to mysql.err, not mysql.err.1. If I'm correctly assuming that this message is written by the mysqld process, then it looks like it does reopen the file as soon as it has something to write to it (instead of immediately after getting the flush-logs command).

Am I obliged to add a mysql restart in my logrotate config (the debian default contain only flush-logs which doesn't unlink the mysql.err.1 log) ? or is there another wa

Looks like it's no problem at all.


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