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Compliment of the season! It is indeed my pleasure to
write to you this letter, which i believe, will be a big
surprise as we are both complete strangers. I work for
the Ministry of Minerals and Energy in South Africa, and
by this letter I am representing and also acting on behalf
of two of my senior colleague (The Director General and
The Group General Manager) whose mandate I have got
to contact a trusted and reliable foreign based
businessman, concerning the business matter of mutual
benefit to all.

By this mandate given to me, we are in dire need of a
foreign partner to assist us in the transfer/investment of
USD 15,00,000,00. (fifteen Million, United States
Dollars). The key issues are the transfer and the
subsequent investment of the said sum. We are ready to
go into an agreement with you and also offer you a
negotiable fee for putting together an investment portfolio.

It does not matter whether or not you own a company or
you have invested funds before. We shall guide you on
what to do. The basis will be that a major company won
a contract and subcontracted it to you. More often, big
trading companies and firms of unrelated field win
contracts and subcontracts to more specialized firms for

We shall follow strictly all the legal procedures entailed in
our laws and international laws in transferring the funds to
you. The source of the funds is legitimate and

Please, be informed that under the South Africa
Government monetary policy, strategic positioned
government officials are not allowed to operate or own
bank account overseas, hence our need for a foreign
partner to front for us.

We pray that you take the essence of this letter in strict
confidence, as the two officials involved would not like to
be exposed on this. Kindly notify me via my e-mail, upon
you acceptance to assist us. Further details will be made
available to you as soon as you reply.
We shall provide you with our confidential phone and fax
number, once there is positive response from you.

Thank you and God bless, as we wait for your urgent

Best Regards.

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