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mini ISP


I have been running a mini ISP with what I could only describe as a pretty 
'unique' setup:

It is all running of a Debian 2.2 box.

It has 5 Stallion 8 port serial cards providing 40 PPP dialin lines. (I had 
to patch the kernel to add support for more than 4 boards)

I am running Squid with transparent proxy on the same box.

It is also running ipchains firewall / masquerading.

The hardware specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium III - 933 mhz
Inbuilt sym53c896-1 SCSI controller.
Inbuilt eepro100 ethernet controller
512 MB Ram

I am a little concerned that I may be overdoing things. In particular I am 
worried that I/O might not be keeping up. Some users have complained about 
slow download speeds and timeouts.

Does this sound like a ridiculous way to run dialup? Is there any way I can 
diagnose I/O usage, etc.



P.S. Please CC replies to me.

public key available at http://www.minihub.org/~iain/iain.asc

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