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COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:- The World's Cheapest Sun Cobalt RaQ4 Servers are here in Australia - au$99 / US$49 / GBP 35 - per month


Just a quick announcement. Please don't be mad at me for posting to
your group, you guys are hard to find by any other means, and I know
what we are doing is commercial, but it's a deal that's pretty
innovative and I think it benefits the developer community and beyond.
But hey, if I'm wrong, tell me - you've got my email address, phone
number and name, so I'm not going anywhere fast + I'm keen for
feedback, good bad or otherwise.  We're a bunch of developers
ourselves and we're keen to make dedicated hosting as cheap as a
shared hosting and Sun Cobalt in Australia is keen to help us do that.
 So do we have a deal for you ! BTW. If that gets us flames so be it.

Well we've just launched our Dedicated Server company here in
Australia and the reaction has been amazing.  To the best of our
knowledge we are offering the world's lowest priced RaQ4 dedicated
servers at just au$99 / US$49 / 35 UK pounds. This is thanks to our
huge purchasing volumes from Aussie supporters and our weak dollar
against most major world currencies.

For more details of our servers and a full explanation of the offers
click here http://www.dedicatedservers.com.au/thedeal.shtml

We have a number of options, including outright purchase of the server
at well below market price, which also includes one year's
co-location.  Our servers are located in carrier class data centers
here in Australia, and we have 24.7.365  manned technical support. Our
datacenters are on major peering points for both Asia, UK and the US.

We have partnered with Red Hat to offer support, and the servers have
been installed with Kurant's award winning Ecommerce solution
StoreSense at no charge. A fully enabled 30 day trial of the amazing
urchin statistics software is also included in the deal, and if you
choose to purchase the license after the trial period you will receive
very special pricing. The RaQ4 also comes factory installed with
Chilisoft to allow Active Server Page - ASP equivalency.

Upcoming software partner bundles including Cold Fusion and Real Media
servers are only days away - so if you're looking for that
functionality join our mailing list and we'll notify you when they are

Our customers come from all over the world and if you need an IP
address to check routing and timing to your customer base we're happy
to supply this to you.  Just send a request, including details of your
organisation to netblock@dedicatedservers.com.au

Full details of our servers, including datasheets and manual PDF's for
download,  and working online demos of all the servers and software
are on our site at http://www.dedicatedservers.com.au

Thanks for your time and I welcome any inquiries you may have.  There
in an online chat system on the site, or, we can be contacted directly
at sales@dedicatedservers.com.au

We are here to serve!

Kind regards,

Tim Rignold
Dedicated Servers Australia 

Dedicated Servers is a 100% Australian Owned private business, we have
no affiliation with any companies anywhere in the world bearing
similar names.


Dedicated Servers Australia - BRISBANE   Telephone + 61 7 3831 9111
80 Berry Street                          Facsimile + 61 7 3839 5442
Spring Hill Queensland                 
AUSTRALIA 4000                      


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