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Re: web mail without local mail

IMP, from http://www.horde.org

Packaged, in potato and woody.  Requires PHP, apache, minimal mySQL.


Sanjeev "ghane" Gupta
Brainbench Linux MVP

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From: "marco frattola" <marco.frattola@cubecom.it>

> hi all,
> is there any solution for allowing web access to non-locally stored mail ?
> i mean, let's say i have a pop3/imap server, call it POP.
> i have another server, call it WEBMAIL. users connect to WEBMAIL and read
> their mail (that's fisically on POP). from what i read (or understood)
> courier
> could do this, but mail has to be stored on the same machine
> is it so? are there other solutions (besides courier)?
> thank you very much for you time

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