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Re: PCI IDE controllers

I think you'll find the Promise controllers fit the bill.
You can choose a H/W RAID version if you wish.

The ATA-100 & ATA-66 are supported by Andre Hedrick's IDE patch.
I use it for the |BP6 HPT366 controller, which was less well liked.

Think www.ide.org publishes a press release about ATA-100 support etc.


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Subject: PCI IDE controllers

> Does anyone have any recommendations for an addon IDE controller?  I'd
> a dual-controller PCI card with UDMA66 support.  What it will actually end
> up being used for is so that I can effectively set up a four-drive RAID
> 0+1 partition with IDE drives.  We already have all the drives, and an
> extra controller with good kernel support (2.2 if possible) would do the
> job just great.
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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