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Re: A shell script using mail

Does anyone have a shell script that aids in adding, deleting and modifying:
users, subdomains, domains, mail domain, mail subdomains, mail forwarders,
setting quotas, et cetera.... ?

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From: Trent <surflorida@rack.neobeach.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 8:17 PM
Subject: A shell script using mail

> Hello,
> I have created a shell script that creates new users once the userid is
> created. And after
> it is complete I use mail to send the e-mail to the client that there
> account is setup. However
> the e-mail is from:
> Super-User <root@domain.com>
> I have read through the man file for mail and cannot find a way to edit
> this address.
> Is there an option to edit the from address using mail, I would like to
> change it to
> support@domain.com instead of root@domain.com.
> code snip
> -------------------------------------------
> mail newuser@otherdomain.com -s new_account -c support@domain.com
> -------------------------------------------
> Thank You,
> Trent
> surflorida@rack.neobeach.com
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