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Re: debian-installer grub-efi test image

On 4/28/19 9:55 PM, Pedro Miguel Justo wrote:
> Either I am doing something wrong, or this doesn’t seem to be quite working.
> When I run bootnetia64.efi from the debian-installer package I just get the GRUB prompt – no config was loaded. I can’t even manually load one with “configfile” since it doesn’t seem to be able to parse the partition table.
> (...)
> When I run the GRUB that was installed by my previous OS installation (grubia64.efi), it does parse the HD partitions correctly
> (...)
> So, what’s the deal with bootnetia64.efi? Does it need to load all the mod files that are present in the “grub” directory in order to understand GPT partitions? If that’s the case, why is it not loading them? Do relative paths not work? In other words, does the debian-installer folder need to be on a specific, hardcoded, path within the EFI partition?

You're the very first person to test the netboot image. I merely copied the configuration
from arm64 and adapted it for ia64. There was no testing at all, so if something doesn't
work, you know why.

That's why I want to focus on the CD images first.


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