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RFH: Please test ia32-libs-core


since I myself don't have access to any ia64 hardware i can't test
ia32-libs-core and need your help.

Ia32-libs-core is the subset of ia32-libs that is special for ia64. It
includes all (except lib32asound-mouldes) the 32bit libraries that are
compiled directly on amd64. Since ia64 doesn't have a i486-linux-gnu-gcc
the same can't be done there. Ia32-libs-core contains the prebuild debs
from amd64 (instead of i386 as in ia32-libs) so that the libraries are
compiled for /lib32 and /usr/lib32 and don't have to be moved
around. This should avoid problems with module/plugin locations.

If you want to help test this then download the source from


build the package and install it. After that try to run some 32bit
binary. A simple hello-world will do but you can also try /bin/dash or


PS: Please keep the CC on replies.

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