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Re: Grammatical error!package manager

Hello Gregor!

I see this grammatical error on the web page https://packages.debian.org/ru/sid/libwww-perl and locally package manager.

This message is for informational purposes for you.  If you think that this error may affect the operation of the module, I recommend that you consider this fact an incident!

Best regards,

Andrey Krylov

08.04.2022 17:10, gregor herrmann пишет:
On Fri, 08 Apr 2022 12:36:20 +0300, Андрей wrote:

In the repository Debian, program product libwww-perl (6.62-1) has a
grammatical error in the name of the russian description

"простый и надёжный интерфейс для Всемирной паутины" correct will be
"простой и надёжный интерфейс для Всемирной паутины"

Best regards,
Andrey Krylov
Hi Andrey,

thanks for bringing this to our attention.

As far as I can see, the libwww-perl package itself does not contain
any Russian (or other) translations, so we can't fix this mistake

Where do you see this Russian text?
I _guess_ this might be on
(or locally in your package manager, which uses Translation files
from the Debian mirrors).

As far as I know, these translations are made by the
The Debian Description Translation Project (DDTP)

If this wiki page doesn't give you enough information about how to
fix this issue, please contact debian-i18n@lists.debian.org (public
mailing list).


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