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New labelprinting machines

Title: New labelprinting machines

We are labelprinting manufacturers in China.
Our company is a joint venture of a european company, the chinese governement and chinese private company.

Please visit our site to see :

YP 390  WET OFFSET MACHINE  5 colours, flexo varnish, die cutt unit, rewinder
automatic setting, absolute register!
Price 420.000 euros delivered and installed
YT460 SERVO FLEXO MACHINE mm 430 web width, 6 colours all UV
Price 170.000 euros delivered and installed
YCR 330 Stack type flexo machine mm330
5 colours, die cutter, rewinder
Price delivered and installed : 60.000 euros

We have already a very good support service in Italy-Milano, Spain-Barcelona, France-Paris, with spare par ts
Please come to see the quality of our machines, make test prints, and you"ll see that our components are much better than most of our european competitors.

Best regards
Chen Wang

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