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Re: [Evolution] (pseudo) Intent to NMU evolution to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Yves-Alexis Perez (corsac@corsac.net):

> Ok, as said on IRC, the patch doesn't apply cleanly in svn. Failure
> appear in:

W're talking about the patch for #543725, right?

> debian/changelog (no problem though, don't need to apply it)
> debian/po/fr.po
> debian/po/ja.po (it was already added in svn, not sure if it's the same
> version though)
> debian/po/pt.po
> debian/po/sv.po
> debian/po/templates.pot
> The only change between unstable and svn is the add of ja.po so I don't
> really know what happens. It'd really help if you could join a patch
> against svn :/

Can you point me to the SVN?

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