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Re: Draft for lenny release announcement


Alexander Reichle-Schmehl schrieb:

>> The most current version may be found in a private subversion repository
>> (to avoid conflicts when using the wiki).  You can get the most recent
>> version from
>> http://svn.schmehl.info/svn/debian-publicity/20090214-lenny-release/lenny-announcement.en.wml
>> ; translators might later be interested in
>> http://svn.schmehl.info/websvn/listing.php?repname=debian-publicity&path=%2F20090214-lenny-release%2F&rev=0&sc=0
>> to track changes in the document.
> Some interesting stuff for translators will follow in a separate mail.

So here it comes:

About the time line:

I'd like to freeze the announcement tomorrow content wise and only apply
 spelling and grammatical fixes, so the announcement may be translated.
I'll send it to the language lists and -i18n when I've done so separately.

Ideally translations should be done by Saturday evening (better noon to
be on the save side). Let's say around 14:00 UTC.

As you know, we need the translated webwml file for our website and - if
there's a -news-LANG or -user-LANG list for your language - a text
version of the announcement to be send there.

I would propose I'll add the webwml version of the available
translations, so they will all appear on the website at the very same
time as the English one.

Regarding the text version to be mailed out:  I can send it to the
-news-german list myself, but not to the other ones.  So I need someone
to ping when the translated news may be sent out.  Estimation when that
most likely will happen is not yet really public, but I'll try to keep
those people informed, so they might still be able to enjoy valentines
day ;)

If you don't have a -news-LANG mailing list, but a -user-LANG mailing
list which isn't moderated (I think the only moderated -user list is the
Chinese one?) I can sent the announcement there for you, so you don't
need to stay near the computer all the time to not miss it.  So you can
send me not only the webwml file but a text version, too.  That offer is
limited which use latin1 characters; sorry folks, but I just don't want
to mess characters I don't know, can't read and can't distinguish from
broken ones.

Oh, and while I just weakend my spam filter, it might be wise to ping me
on irc just to make sure I got your mail.  Last year I missed some
translations I got because of that :(

Any questions left?  Did I forgot something or am over complicated?

Best regards,

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