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Re: D-I Manual - please update translations (update)

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 01:08:56AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Note that translations that are not sufficiently up-to-date will be 
> excluded from the release.

Great! It's really nice that you want as usual to drop all hard work
done by translators. Also as usual you do not even explain why.
But you're right, you're the release manager and can do whatever you
want, right!!?

Once this is established for a beta release it will also apply to the
final version.

What reason could exist for this?
* Releasing a version which is not fully translated and is XML-based
  would contain old information, I really understand this. 
* Releasing a PO file based translation with a single English sentence
  in it is not the right thing for Debian users. Instead they should
  refer to the English version (because they maybe have no way to
  obtain the inofficial translation from Alioth). Who cares whether they
  are able to understand English?
* Most probably the current document is nearly impossible to
  understand if there are one or two untranslated strings in it. So I
  suggest to drop the English version as well. Not everyone is able to
  process in memory/brain such a huge document, which one only
  understood if it completely parsed.
* We don't need any feedback for translations. Let's hide these so that
  nobody (except the original translator) is able to improve it.
* There is no need to test the disk requirements of all translations!??

> The current status for XML-based translations is:
> French:            1 outdated (no update needed really)
> Portuguese (BR):   1 outdated, 1 untranslated
> Italian:           3 outdated, 1 untranslated
> Japanese:          7 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
> Spanish:          28 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
> Czech:             ? outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
> Catalan:          23 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
> The status for PO-based translations is:
>  1 100%	 pt
>    100%	 sv
>    100%	 zh_CN	
>  2 099%	 ru	(2 strings; probably only need to be unfuzzied)
>  3 096%	 vi	(may be excluded)
>  4 095%	 ko	(may be excluded)
>  5 090%	 el	(may be excluded)
>  6 078%	 zh_TW	(may be excluded)

Mhm, German is missing again ...

Translators are you really willing to support dropping translations
without reason? I suggest you veto against!

If your translation is at 100% do you really think it's better as e.g.
ru, vi, ko? You're a hero because you fully translated it and it will be
released, all others are loosers!?

If you don't think so I suggest you redo your last commit to ensure that
your translation is not fully translated. This would ensure that it is
handled the same way as other translations.
(I would really do the some, but I'm only the translator of Level 1
files. As soon as such a translation would be dropped once it is not
fully translated I would definitively ensure that it never reaches 100%
(which is my current status).)

Please consider also the case the you're not able to complete the manual
before the final release because of personal reasons such as illness.

Clytie, how would you feel to miss your aim to support Vietnames again
in such a case?

> Note that excluded translations will still be available from alioth and 
> can be included again for the next release.

But they will only included again for the next release only if they are
fully translated, right?

PS: Frans, just in case you want to revoke another users SVN access: My
account is jseidel-guest.


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