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Re: D-I Manual - please update translations (update)

(BCCing KURASAWA Nozomu as I'm not sure if he's subscribed to debian-i18n; 
if you are not, then please do so)

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 11:45, Frans Pop wrote:
> Now that we've made loads of changes again, it's time to plan a new
> release. Main reason is that this would allow the latest version to be
> included in the Beta 3 release of the installer.
> So, translators: please update your translations! I plan to upload the
> release on Monday 24 July, so you have almost 2 weeks.

This is now 2 days and there is still some work to be done...
Note that translations that are not sufficiently up-to-date will be 
excluded from the release.

The current status for XML-based translations is:
French:            1 outdated (no update needed really)
Portuguese (BR):   1 outdated, 1 untranslated
Italian:           3 outdated, 1 untranslated
Japanese:          7 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
Spanish:          28 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
Czech:             ? outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)
Catalan:          23 outdated, 1 missing (may be excluded)

The status for PO-based translations is:
 1 100%	 pt
   100%	 sv
   100%	 zh_CN	
 2 099%	 ru	(2 strings; probably only need to be unfuzzied)
 3 096%	 vi	(may be excluded)
 4 095%	 ko	(may be excluded)
 5 090%	 el	(may be excluded)
 6 078%	 zh_TW	(may be excluded)

Note that excluded translations will still be available from alioth and 
can be included again for the next release.

> Two languages need to enable the gpl-unofficial condition in
> build/lang-options *before* the release:
> - Greek
> - Portuguese (PT)

This still needs to happen for both languages!


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