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Promoting Sales To Entrepreneurs

I came across your website in a search for Sales and thought I would write.
I have a website targeting entrepreneurs with over 110,000 regular monthly readers. We're creating a new section devoted to Sales and would like to profile your website and provide information to our readers. Do you have articles offering advice on Sales that could be included? The three main benefits of putting the articles up are:
1) We Google optimize each article so it is likely to be found and drive qualified traffic to your website. Note: The content itself is not altered and you retain full copyright of the article.
2) Each article is linked back to your website which will increase your Google PageRank.
3) You can leverage traffic that is already coming to our site and will be promoted in our regular newsletter.
There is no cost to you and you and the website is http://www.EvanCarmichael.com 
"As an author and speaker I know the importance of visibility. When I gave a series of articles on networking to you, I quickly became # 1 in Google for that topic. It's great to see that my expertise is being formalized and recognized by a search engine that is used worldwide. Many thanks for providing me with such an important link in an incredible chain of connections." - Donna Messer
"Evan, I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the wonderful work you and your organization has done. From the day my columns began appearing on your 'Partners' site my readership went up significantly. What was particularly impressive was how quickly you were able to get my articles highly rated on Google searches. As an author, I would always like to believe that the strength of the writing was the reason, but I know it was your skill and expertise that made it happen. All the Best, Earl" - Dr. Earl R. Smith II
We help you get more exposure and #1 Google rankings. It is a free service to you ? we generate our income through advertising so the more people we drive to your articles the more money we both make.
If you have articles and want to get them and your website more well known, we can set up your VIP author account by going to: http://www.evancarmichael.com/register.php?id=66042
Evan Carmichael

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