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Usertags added to categorize i18n/l10n bugs

Hi folks,

I just added user tags to triage l10n bugs, as explained in
They have been added with user set to this list, tags currently set are:
  l-ar l-bg l-ca l-cs l-da l-de l-el l-en l-en-gb l-es l-et l-eu l-fi l-fr
  l-gl l-he l-hu l-it l-ja l-ka l-ko l-lt l-nb l-nl l-pl l-pt l-pt-br l-ro
  l-ru l-sk l-sl l-sr l-sv l-tl l-tr l-uk l-vi l-zh-cn l-zh-tw

The leading l- stands for language, a t- prefix could be used for
territory.  For instance if you want to see how hard Czech or Vietnamese
translators worked, simply follow
I will try to maintain this list by tagging new bugs, but do not know
yet how to proceed exactly.  Feel free to fix erroneous tags or add
these usertags to missing bugreports.

There are other bugs which could benefit even more of user tags, because
the l10n tag does not qualify for them strictly speaking.  Right now I can
think of bidi (bugs related to bidirectional text), cjk, utf8 (to address
bugs with utf8 encodings), ime (input methods), outdated (outdated POT and
PO files with respect to sources).
We should define a list of such tags, and everyone would be encouraged to
set usertags when a corresponding bug is encountered so that people
interested in these areas can focus on these bugreports.
Maybe a wiki page is the best way to maintain this list of usertags for
i18n/l10n bugs?


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