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Re: Debian Installer string freeze begins - 1st status

Christian Perrier schrieb:

[text review]

Hmmm, this can't make it for this release. However, I'm deeply surprised of the number of changes you suggest.

In the past I underestimated in the most cases, maybe I overestimate now or mix up d-i with other packages during installation.

Quick & dirty try of sarge-i386-netinst-20040621-build.iso under VMware:
... boot:
-       Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux sarge!
+                  Debian GNU/Linux sarge.
-This is a Debian installation CD-ROM, built on 20040528.
+Installation CD-ROM, built on 20040525.


-<F1>   This page, the help index.
+<F1>   Help index
-<F2>   Prerequisites for installing Debian.
+<F2>   Prerequisites for installing
-<F3>   Boot methods for special ways of using this CD-ROM
+<F3>   Boot methods
-<F4>   Special boot parameters, overview.
+<F4>   Boot parameters, overview

Above are all minor changes.

Reading very fast through the following screens (main flow) I dedected fewer problems, all minor.

For instance, IU'm pretty sure there is no personalization (mostly because I reviewed
the whole stuff and I hate it a lot....:-) as well as quite consistent punctuation

Mostly ACK.

The terminology is quite consistent though there may be some inconsistencies here and

Didn't check this. This needs time.

The best was made for as simple as possible English, but here also some better wording may be used.

Mostly ACK.

Consistency between en_GB and en_US spelling need some work probably.

Which one? I never found a clear rule within debian like "[SHOULD|MUST] be [en_US|en_GB]". If not specified I apply aspell en_US.

However, preparing the changes is certainly possible by posting patches : this will
then allow some discussion, case by case.....

Ok, I will do a check after my vacancy and submit the patches. I will not put much energy into discussion of minor problems. Take my patch, a better one or leave it unchanged.

Do you want the patches in one file or each in an extra bug submit?
Both methods have advantages:
- extra allows different severities, discussion, handling,
  but is very time consuming. Bug tracking is flooded.
  This method is necessary in commercial projects.
- all in one is easier to handle. In GPL projects I use this.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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