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yes_key/no_key in aptitude.pot

Hi daniel,

I have seen the appearance of "yes_key" and "no_key" in the
aptitude.pot file. I guessed this is for us translators to put the
appropriate key for Y/N choices.

Putting some warning to translators in the POT file explaining they're
supposed to put the usual keys for "Yes" and "No" in their language
could be useful here.

We also need to explain if this has to be a capital letter or not.

However, I don't know how one can have comments inserted by gettext in
POT file with C++ code.

Maybe someone on -i18n will also be able to suggest some more elegant
way to do this. Don't we have some Yes/No things in locales, by the way ?

PS : I'll be away from July 13th evening, for 5 days. Keep -i18n cc'ed
to answers. -i18n people, keep dburrows@debian.org cc'ed to your answers.


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