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Re: RFS: libmusicbrainz-2.1 (QA upload)

Christoph Egger wrote:
> 	Hm ok I guess I personally would prefer a the see some notice if
> there are some tags > pedantic 

If this is a generally desirable thing among sponsors, we'll of course
comply.  (Some info tags are only a matter of style, though.)

> 	OK it took me some more time, however your package seems to
> FTBFS on the GNU/Hurd porter box still (log attached) so other stuff
> might be needed to make it work.

Too bad :-(.  My GNU/Hurd box is dead for the time being, so I'm CCing
the patch author and just in case, debian-hurd.  It seems that the
`os' variable remains undefined for some reason, thus AC_LINK_FILES

(Pino, the package I've prepared (with your patch unmodified) is at
Christoph Egger's (the prospective sponsor) complete message that I'm
replying to is at

> Makefile:361: .deps/cdlookup.Po: No such file or directory

These things are not supposed to happen; the package builds twice in a
row for me without leaving any cruft behind.

> dpkg-source: warning: the diff modifies the following upstream files: 
>  config.h
>  examples/Makefile
>  include/Makefile
>  include/musicbrainz/Makefile
>  lib/Makefile
>  libmusicbrainz.pc
>  libtool
>  osdep/Makefile
>  stamp-h1

This is also weird.  Perhaps an automatic rebuild rule got triggered

> checking host system type... i486-pc-gnu
> WARNING: unknown system

Here is the culprit.  The system is canonicalized by config.sub, and
*-gnu* is a valid and standard pattern, but `configure' still does not
define the variable as it should in the `case' statement...

Posting config.log might help to figure out why, I guess.

> config.status: linking ./osdep/mb_.cpp to lib/mb.cpp
> config.status: error: ./osdep/mb_.cpp: file not found

Here it chokes, understandably.

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