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Re: Hurd CDs


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 05:10:24PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:

> I have taken some preliminary steps in developing a new method of
> producing Debian GNU/HURD installation discs.

Great news! :-)

> Before I make a major time commitment, I would like to be certain that
> installation discs have a resonable value to the Hurd project.

Yes, definitely. The other installation method is crosshurd; but install
CDs have major advantages in various situations:

- You don't need an existing Debian installation on the machine

- People are more familiar with installing operating systems this way

- It is important to have stable points of reference; while crosshurd is
  in constant movement, and often breaks

- Snapshots have a very important psychological value -- this way people
  not deeply involved in the project (yet) can see that things are
  moving forward. (For that very same reason, I'm in favor of having
  actual Hurd releases as well... But that's a different topic :-) )

> This new aproach should lead to a native Hurd installer in time.

That would be very nice indeed. I'm curious to hear more about your plan

> This time I am keeping a development log.  Meaning that people will be
> able to follow and improve on what I am doing.

Yes, this will be very helpful :-)


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