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[#XHV-673091]: [POSSIBLE-SPAM] How To Start Your Own Online Business?

Brock Hatcher,
Your ticket has been received, one of the staff members will review it and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this ticket, Please make sure the Ticket ID remains in the subject at all times.

	Ticket ID: XHV-673091
	Subject: [POSSIBLE-SPAM] How To Start Your Own Online Business?
	Department: Domains
	Priority: Medium
	Status: Open

You can check the status or reply to this ticket online at: http://www.kionic.com/support/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=viewticket&ticketid=44078
	Email: debian-hurd@lists.debian.org
	Password: 09fc8df8

Please do let us know if we can assist you any further,

Kionic Inc

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