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FullMotionMail - Your Free Video eMail Source

Title: Fullmotionmail - Your Free Video eMail source
This message comes to you from FullMotionMail.com, your free source for sending personal video messages to your friends and family.

How does this work?

If your computer has a built -in video cam, its a snap. You can also easily connect your video camera to your firewire or USB port.

Then simply click on the FullMotionMail.com link to create your message, the system will detect your camera, or choose your connection form the list and your ready to go. The whole thing works completely within your browser (no special software is required). You can also select from a variety of templates to use as backgrounds for your message.
Then take it one step further. If you have a website, mySpace, Facebook or something like a WordPress blog, you can embed a small piece of code and add this awesome widget to your page. This will allow your visitors to send their messages and so on and so on and so on.
All usage is free and requires no user account. No user information is collected or stored for use, your video will be available for viewing for 3 months, (ad you can always create another).

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