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Jun wrote:

Winner after Winner!  That's what we Bring to our Readers!

What happens when that perfect small cap issue releases astounding news 
and gets a massive PR campaign behind it?  It Takes Off!!!

Irwin Resources (IWRS)
Last      $0.50
Target  $1.50

Do not miss this one.  These small caps Really Fly when people take 
notice, and Believe us they are going to take notice this Wednesday!

Mike is on the payroll, he gets paid to take the heat.  
> Your site offends me by taking my money with big promises then delivering an inferior product. 
> Let me give you a little advice about running your site.   
I did not say Mike Sexton owned the site. 
He is, unless I'm mistaken,the paid host.  
He is also apparently the unoffiicial or official RGP liaison.  
They are very busy right now.  
One more thing, this isn't the first, second, or even third major software problem has had at a big moment.  
Memory leaks that might be caused by running larger tournaments.   
If I contact customer service at (for the umpteenth time) they will tell me again they are working on it and all will be fine.  

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