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Don't even THINK of copying this...

~~ Smiles2Send.com - Government Grants ~~

This should solve some of your problems...

After months of research, we have found the "best of the best"
FREE money and grant programs in the country and put them all
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These programs give money for almost any reason,
and you --DO NOT-- have to pay it back!

        *  Billions of dollars will be  *
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We have reserved a limited number of copies for only
our most valued members (such as yourself), but we ask
that you go there A.S.A.P. because demand is very high,
and the publisher says "when they're gone, no more".

<a href="http://www.clickheere.com/cgi-bin/a/t.cgi?711101fp2150gg";> AOL Link </a>

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