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Re: Woody release?

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Jeff Bailey wrote:

> > > I'm worried that the next release after woody will be 3 or 4 years
> from now. 

> > Trying to coordinate too many archs.  What about pushing for an indepenent
> > release cycle?  Debian is like a dancing centipede with seventy broken
> > legs.  To add Hurd to the centepede would make the situation worse for
> > everyone.
> I don't agree.  The packages in stable are out of date by policy, not
> coordination effort.  Testing deals with most release problems, since
> it's always a snapshot of the packages that are current.  I want to
> get us into testing so that maintainers share the responsibility of
> making sure their packages work on our system.
Hadn't thought of that, a good idea.  I still wish that the release cycle
was twice as fast.


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