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Re: ssh (fwd)

At 19:41 +0200 1999-10-27, e-guy@skylab.net wrote:
hi Marcus

here is the letter that i wrote to Bill White today, plus
i noticed these things:

1. the configure script cheks for utsyslen int /include/utmpx.h, not in
the /include/bits/utmpx.h

2. i added the define __USE_GNU to the ssh sources, but it seems it wont
work for me (i dont know why)
its important, becouse as i noticed if __USE_GNU defined, then the above
changes not needed (except the first, which is a small mistake in the
code, i think)

Debian ssh in non-us should have this stuff fixed already. These seem like the same issues I had porting ssh to glibc 2.1 on Linux.
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