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Re: Bug#482902: please provide libc6-hppa64 and libc6-hppa64-dev packages

Thibaut VARENE wrote:
> Though I won't deny the port has been coasting, I don't see why or how
> it's been rotting. As I pointed out, the archive is built up to
> unprecedented levels and we don't have any major breakage I'm aware
> of. ISTR we have had bigger trouble in the past.

The most major issue I'm aware of is that aptitude will hang (no longer 
responds to key input) after it returns from installing packages: #434861. 
This seems to be a threading issue, so could be related to what Aurelien 
Jarno mentioned about linuxthreads in another post.
It would be great if someone could look into that. Note that the issue on 
hppa is somewhat different from other arches as for other arches it is 
fixed with newer kernel versions.
> The point I do not agree with, though, is the idea that support for the
> port should be dropped just because it seems nobody cares.

OTOH, it does really suck that the buildds are frequently unreliable [1] and 
that nobody seems to take responsibility for getting the porter machines 
back up.
Having an arch fall behind for longer periods is one of the best ways to get 
release managers and DDs in general to start thinking about dropping the 
port. If nobody who is directly involved with the port cares, then why the 
hell should others care?

As most of you probably know I do the basic work to keep the installer 
working on hppa, but the total lack of interest from anybody else is 
sometimes demotivating. Properly maintaining the installer _does_ require 
more architecture-specific knowledge than I have!

- Kyle promised a few times to look into what modules should be included for
  the installer for current kernels, but that never happened. I've gotten
  tired of pinging him about that.
- The hppa bus is one of the few classes of hardware for which modules are
  not being autoloaded. I've heard that was being worked on at some point,
  but AFAIK that never got submitted upstream.


[1] There was a 2-month period when hppa was below 90% and was seriously
    blocking migration of packages (~ week 14-22):

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