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Re: getting gcc for hppa into the archive

Matt Taggart writes:
 > >  > 2.) Do a general gcc-3.1 based on the upstream 3.1 branch. Teach
 > >  > gcc-defaults to use 3.1 for hppa.
 > > minor
 > You're saying the gcc-defaults work is minor or the gcc-3.1 package?

modifying the defaults work.

 > > Assuming that 3.0 stabilizes in the near future, the size of the
 > > patch set isn't a reason not to rely on 3.0.
 > OK, what about arch-independent changes? I don't know how many of these we 
 > have but my understanding is that any diff applies to all arch builds right? 
 > Or is it possible to have a patch only apply when building on a specific arch? 
 > I would love it if all I had to do is generate a patch to 3.0.

it's possible. see debian/rules.patch. Of course all changes you make
to arch-indep packages are "lost", when not applying these changes to
all architectures (the _all packages aren't uploaded for binary only

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