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nec antenna modeling

I've been working to bring my dad from windows to linux for a while and at this point it seems to be an ostrich problem (he knows windows, he likes windows, and  thinks everyone who's anyone uses windows and only windows to do real work.  Since Linux can't run windows programs and software and has no substantial software of it's own it of course then can't be relied upon to do any real work  Yes this is FUD and lies but he doesn't know any better...he has his head stuck in the sand - like an ostrich!)

Basicly here's where I turn to the debian-hams list for help.

I've covered the basic email, web, and office apps...now he's given me a challenge - he wants to do antenna modeling and use something similar to what http://www.nittany-scientific.com/ sells for windows.  He doesn't want to have to manually create input card decs but would rather just enter coordinates for wires into a spreadsheet.  graphical representation of the input model,  the output E and H plane patterns, and element current distribution is desired.  If I can get this working we have a linux convert.

How can I get nec2 working under debian with a decent pre and post processor?  The emphesis being on the input and output interface presentation and processing  (nec pre and post processing)


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