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Re: sound cards

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to the list, and just discovered it! I am wondering if anyone
> has installed 2 sound cards in their debian box? Seems like a good idea
> to have one dedicated to multimedia and the other for hamdom pursuits.

Hi, Jaye!

Not a problem at all.
Especially with the sound drivers as kernel modules. The first dsp
loaded becomes dsp0, the next loaded dsp1 and so forth.

Automatic loading is done with aliases in /etc/modutils/aliases (i use
an additional file instead, named after the host in that same dir, that
keeps my local settings on an upgrade of modutils. All the files in
/etc/modutils are cat'ed together by update-modules).

alias   sound-slot-1    esssolo1
alias   sound-slot-0    emu10k1
For quick changes just edit /etc/modules.conf, beware: overwritten by
update-modules. My above example shows, ji already swapped the cards :)

You want the jostick entries too? When a modern PC with that many PCI
devices runs out of INTs, its even better to have the modules.
Currently with kernel 2.4 i have to unload the esssolo1 to make room
for USB or vice versa. Up to date i don't know of INT-sharing and i
assume so don't most of the drivers.

It's really fun, that you could never have with Sin98 - ever tried to
use more than one joystick port with it? Read the kernel Documentation
and peruse the driver sources a little (_init_modules() is of interest)
and have lots of fun with some patchcords and a good mixer program!

73, martin DG2AMA

There's another good reason to have a second soundcard
insmod'ed: http://cthugha.debox.de

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