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Re: Bug#637331: transition: nautilus

On Thu, 2011-08-11 at 17:53 +0200, Kees de Jong wrote:
> Maybe an odd question, but why could other distributions evolve more
> easily and faster to Gnome 3 than Debian?

Likely because other distros tend to take shortcuts (or, on a more
positive note, because they are more daring). They'll get rid of
existing functionality for the sake of shiny new things. Such a thing
happened, for example, with gdm 2.20. Debian kept using an old version,
simply because the newer one broke some setups (afair). Another similar
thing happened with PulseAudio, and even Upstart. Debian is conservative
like that. The nice thing is that all these packages are available for
installation (Upstart, PulseAudio, GNOME 3), only they aren't blessed as

> And if it's quality and stability reasons, then what are these
> qualities that Debian harnesses with this long transition period?

I don't understand this.

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