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Re: New dependences in gnome-core, might be better in gnome?

<quote who="Jordi Mallach">

> Both Christian and I dislike the new gnomemeeting dependency in
> particular, because it depends on lots of libraries and I'm sure the
> amount of Debian GNOME users that actually use Gnomemeeting or even own a
> webcam is a small percentage.

Yeah, this was a pretty controversial module in the 2.4 list. I'm pretty
sure things will change a bit in the 2.6 series that will make this stuff a
bit easier for you guys, and provide better definition for each release set.

> What I had proposed to Christian was creating "gnome-office" (#178536)
> and "gnome-fifth-toe" packages. Given the amount of concern the new deps
> is causing on users, I think we need to make some decision to move parts
> of gnome-core to gnome. I'll see if Christian and I can come with a way
> of deciding what could go into gnome-core and what shouldn't.

Maybe reduce gnome-core's scope a little bit, to provide just a basic GNOME
environment, and add gnome-desktop as a full-featured complete GNOME Desktop
release meta package?

- Jeff

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