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Re: Window Manager + Gnome2 Startup

Robert McQueen <robot101@debian.org> writes:

> > > Anyone aware of how to change window manager in Gnome2? I've been
> > > brainracking myself for a while about this...
> > 
> > Cannot you still run gnomecc?
> > 
> > -jeff
> a) no, gnomecc is gone. the capplets are programs seperately accessible
> through the Applications -> Desktop Preferences menu, and I believe
> Nautilus integrates them in a 'Control Panel' style.
> b) the window manager selector is gone:
>  killall currentwm; sleep 0.2; newwm &
> then go to the Sessions control panel thing, and save current session.

... does not always work: On my box x-window-manager is
WindowMaker. Even though metacity and sawfish are installed,
gnome-session always launches WindowMaker. 

If I issue the command "killall WindowMaker;metacity" and then select
"Save session now", on next login gnome-session will again launch
WindowMaker instead of metacity. (fully reproducible)

The same did _not_ occur, when I chose sawfish instead of metacity. So
the only way I found to make metacity my default WM was

1. killall WindowMaker;sawfish
2. save session
3. log out and back
4. killall sawfish;metacity
5. save session

Not really an improvement in terms of usability. :-(

P.S.: Please don't tell me to update x-window-manager to point to
metacity. As a standalone WM outside of GNOME metacity is quite
useless. So I would not want to see it as my default WM.

gnome-session's mechanism of selecting a WindowManager should either
be independent from Debian's alternatives or a new alternative
"gnome-window-manager" should be added.

There is a gconf key
"/desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current", which for some
reason pointed to "wmaker" until I changed it manually. No idea why.
Maybe this is part of the problem.


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