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Bug#572716: LinuxThreads manual pages

On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 11:36:37PM -0600, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> clone 460637 -1
> retitle 460637 manpages-dev: Port over whatever is useful from LinuxThreads pages
> severity 460637 wishlist
> reassign 460637 manpages-dev
> retitle -1 Please remove outdated LinuxThreads manpages
> forcemerge 572716 -1
> severity -1 minor
> block -1 by 519781
> thanks
>  - The pages in man-pages are usable and maintained, and I think we should
>    ship them.  This requires coordination between the two packages.
>    Actually, manpages-dev should be changed first (with Replaces: glibc-doc,
>    this requires no action by the glibc maintainers).

Note that in order to avoid file conflicts, my patch for #519781 just
adds pages to manpages-dev that are long removed from glibc-doc.

In particular, it does *not* add the man-pages for
pthread_kill_other_threads_np(3), pthread_kill(3), pthread_sigmask(3)
and sigwait(3), because these are still shipped by glibc-doc; glibc-doc
bug #572716 suggests to remove these from glibc-doc.


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