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Bug#60255: GTK+ programs are not displayed correctly with lt_LT locale

Package: locales
Severity: normal
Version: 2.1.3

>Synopsis: GTK+ programs are not displayed correctly with lt_LT locale
>Class: sw-bug
Distribution: Debian woody
System: Linux 2.2.14 i686 unknown

with, IMHO, correct locale settings:

GTK+ programs do not show words with Lithuanian letters (lowercase:
uppercase ÀÈÆËÁÐØÛÞ, quotes ¥´  from charset=iso-8859-13)at all. The
font is different 
from that which is set by theme. Words not containing Lithuanian
specific errors are
displayed correctly, except mentioned font change, because it looks

in the original bug report, to which I've got no answer, I mentioned
more bugs. But it 
seems they dissapeared or I configured system correctly. 
No more "Gdk+: locale not supported by C library" or perl "please check
whether your 
locale is supported" warnings.

But this still remains.

I use some workaround, that is in 
/etc/environment write:
and in /etc/profile:

then everything is displayed correctly - console commands need
LC_ALL=lt_LT set, and 
Gtk with LC_ALL=lt, spits out the error about "locale not supported by C
library", but 
displays in Lithuanian correctly, with translations. although, if I run
any command from
terminal, this bug comes up.

not a deadly bug, but I cannot work happily :(

LANG=lt LC_ALL=lt_LT any-gtk-program

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