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Bug#43549: libc6: system() call zombies process while using threads

At 10:15 -0600 1999-08-26, Derrik Pates wrote:
While doing some xmms development, I updated my libc only to discover that
when xmms tries to call unzip via the system() call, it causes the calling
process to immediately go to state Z (zombie) and the call never goes
through. Pressing Ctrl-C in the terminal window that the program is
running in will cause it to continue without completing the system() call.
However, sending the thread PID or the main app PID a SIGINT does not have
th same effect. (The system() call in question occurs in a thread. I tried
a system() call in a sample program that just did a system() and the
problem didn't seem to occur, so it would appear system() is doing
something non-threadsafe.)


Can you tell me if this problem still exists in 2.1.2-1? I believe it should have been fixed in 2.1.2 final.
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