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Bug#35113: libc6-dev: not able to compile itself with headers in this package

At 17:23 -0800 1999-03-26, Joey Hess wrote:
Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
The problem is that ${KERNEL_SOURCE} in debian/rules does not have a
default.  Just exporting it as /usr will work.

Joel, is there any reason NOT to put

in the rules files as a default?  It's easy enough to override.

That sounds like a good fix to me. Requiring it to be manually exported
isn't good for autobuilders..

The real error is that I made a typo and wasn't actually calling my checkheaders function, which would have made the configure target fail when the kernel-headers-2.2.1 package is not installed. The only autobuilder I happen to be concerned with is buildd, which can handle this with its source depends.
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