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> - working sshed to the box give all kind of locale errors due to not
> having locales installed. It seems a pretty basic package.

It takes a lot of space, IIRC.  There're ways to silence the warnings
without locales anyway.  I'm not sure they're the *right* way to do
things, but they can work.  Thoughts?

The changes

> Not sure why you didnt like the other small fixes ;)

Apologies, I didn't actually realize those other changes were
intentional: inlining the diff added a bunch of linebreaks that hid the
changes you actually made.  I looked for the lines that began with a -
or +:

    --- a/multistrap-configs/fbx-base.conf
    +++ b/multistrap-configs/fbx-base.conf
    @@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ debootstrap=Debian

    -packages=base-files netbase openssh-server zile wget iproute
    +packages=base-files netbase openssh-server zile wget iproute
    net-tools hostname module-init-tools wget resolvconf udev

That, as a diff, made me assume you accidentally added a space at the
end. :)

Alberto, thanks for your work and your time.

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