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haxe FTBFS, etch?

Hi Jens, flash folk,

haxe fails to build from source on platforms without ocamlopt[1]. There
was a similar problem with mtasc[2]. Since haxe has a C portion, you
will need to follow the same procedure as I did with mtasc to fix this.
Basically I did this:

      * patch and use install.ml
      * build-depend on ocaml, ocaml-best-compilers, ocaml-findlib,
      * add ${ocaml:Depends} to the Depends line in debian/control
      * test for the existence of ocamlopt/ocamlopt.opt in debian/rules
        and use that to decide to build the bytecode version or not,
        generate ${ocaml:Depends} and turn off stripping for the
        resulting binary.

You may also want to check out the debian/maketarball script in mtasc
that integrates with uscan and supports the CVS tags used by upstream.

Also, what should our goals for the etch release be?

     1. http://bugs.debian.org/378373
     2. http://bugs.debian.org/360047

PS: please do not reply directly to me, my mail is down. I will read the
archives though.



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