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Re: filter+bridge (shaping: dividing bandwidth between router & NAT hosts)

Stephan Balmer wrote at 2010-02-12 02:21 -0600:
> green:
> > The router does generate traffic.  But assuming that it can be controlled some 
> > other way: can I then do egress shaping on br0, the LAN interface (eth1, eth2, 
> > eth3, wlan0)?

More of a firewall/routing question now:

Again, a list of interfaces:
eth0: WAN
eth1, eth2, eth3: ethernet LAN
wlan0: wireless LAN

I need to limit packets going between WLAN and the ethernet LAN.

Can I have the whole LAN bridged and use iptables to filter what goes from 
wlan0 to ethx (inside the bridge)?

Or can I not use a bridge, and make eth1, eth2, eth3, wlan0 all have the same 
IP on the router and then use iptables to control between interfaces?


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