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Re: shaping: dividing bandwidth between router & NAT hosts

Cory Oldford wrote at 2010-02-11 13:11 -0600:
>    Again, I have to stress that ACK packets are only associated with TCP
>    traffic. Many bulk protocols use UDP including many filesharing apps.
>    Prioritizing small outgoing ACK packets keeps upstream saturation from
>    making a impact to download speeds and minimizes retransmissions. Some
>    protocols actually carry a payload with the ACK packets so its important
>    to differentiate between the two. IMQ to my knowledge is the only way to
>    do ingress shaping under linux effectively. If you want examples download
>    dd-wrt and flash a cheapo linksys router. dd-wrt comes with a kernel
>    prepatched with the IMQ support as well as the layer7 patchset. Fire up
>    the ssh service on the unit and take a look at the approach used. I found
>    it very similar to the approach I use with a few small differences. If you
>    want I can supply a few scripts that replicate the HTB class hierarchy.

Thanks, but I would prefer to use what is available in standard Debian Squeeze.  
At this time, traffic shaping is not imperative and I can accept a partial 
solution if necessary.

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