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Re: shaping: dividing bandwidth between router & NAT hosts

green wrote at 2010-02-11 09:15 -0600:
> Stephan Balmer wrote at 2010-02-11 03:04 -0600:
> > > I am working on setting up a router/server running Debian Squeeze.  I have had 
> > > a lot to learn and have managed to understand iptables and have mostly set up 
> > > filtering.
> > 
> > What sort of link are we talking about? Symmetric/Asymmetric? Bandwidth?
> Well, sorry but it could be anything.  I may at times have to move the router 
> and my only requirements of the connection is that it be reliable, at least say 
> 20kilobytes/s, and have a public IP address.

Perhaps I should add that it will almost certainly be a residential connection 
like cable or DSL and they are usually asymmetric, right?  Like 100kB/s down, 
60kB/s up (a rough guess).

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