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Part-time job for Everyone debian-firewall@lists.debian.org

Dear reader,
We are writing you on behalf of Antiquitaeten-Schwaighofer GmbH - well-known company founded in Switzerland which main field of operation is European market of antique items. We are glad to offer you to visit our website where our proposal is described in greater detail. You have got an opportunity to get an interesting and perspective work in financial sphere. New recruitment program has been started recently because we are in need of regional financial managers whose work consists of distributing funds received from our customers and suppliers. You are not required to have some extra knowledge or to be experienced in this business and this occupation can endow additional income to you and your family as it will not require more than few hours per week. No entrance fees or any fees at all are required. You can apply just sending an email to vacancy@Antiquitaeten-Schwaighofer.com and you will be sent an application form after that. Just fill the form and send back to us. You should receive our reply within few business days and if you are approved the work can be started immediately after that. Thanks for reading our proposal. We hope that you are interested and eager to start cooperation with us. Feel free to get more information on our http://antiquitaeten-schwaighofer.com/vacancies.htm . Sincere regards,
Antiquitaeten-Schwaighofer GmbH.

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