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Re: Firewall/Router for Sharing a Cable Modem Connection

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 02:11:05PM +0000, Michael Boyd wrote:

> 1. The set up will be as follows, I use greek letters for naming
> purposes at the moment:-
>                                                      / Beta(W98 Desktop)
> Internet---Cable Modem---Alpha(Firewall/Router)---Hub- Gamma(Debian
> Desktop)
>                            |                         \ X Terminals etc
>                          Omega (Experimental
>                                 Web Server) etc
> Is it correct to call Alpha a Firewall/Router?

That's what I would call it.

> 2. What packages do I need over and above those I am familiar with for
> my old dial-up set-up?  I am thinking mainly of DHCP which I believe is
> necessary as I will have a dynamic external IP address.  I think I will
> write the iptables rules by hand.  I used ssh in my previous set-up to
> login to the firewall internally which worked well so I will do that
> agin and make sure telnetd isn't on the machine.

As far as DHCP goes, the client should be installed automatically.
Unless you want to dynamically assign the internal machines their
addresses, you won't need the DHCP server.

> 3. Is a 486 up to the task?  I believe the download rate is up to 512K.

Yes, I have a 486SX25 in a similar role.

> 4. How can I install Woody with a 2.4 kernel from my CD set?  The
> default seems to be a 2.2 kernel.  I don't understand the instructions
> on the CDs or those I've found on the internet.  I believe I need 2.4 to
> use iptables.

Yes, you need a 2.4 kernel for iptables.  If your system allows booting
from the cd, I believe the F3 menu gives you the list of options that
you can pass for starting with a 2.4 kernel.  IIRC, it's "bf2.4" or
something similar.

> 5. I want to get emails generated by Alpha (containing logfiles etc)
> delivered via an email address provided by the cable provider *or*
> internally.  Am I correct in thinking exim can do both of these
> alternatives?  Apologies if I am straying 'off list' here.

Yes, exim can do both of these.

> 6. Does iptables enable the use of things like ICQ and gaming over the
> internet 'out of the box' without the workrounds necessary when using
> ipchains?

Yes, as long as you are looking to connect out to the server (running an
internal server can get messy at times) the connections should just

Jamin W. Collins

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