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Re: KaZaA/Morpheus and other file sharing

On Sam, 2001-10-13 at 22:37, Alvaro Reguly wrote:
> Hello, I want to filter out KaZaA/Morpheus
> IMesh gnutella and the like from our administrative LAN.

I think about the most "intelligent" way to filter all those out would
be protocoll matching...

with iptables it's possible to search packets for strings... (not in the
kernel, needs patch-o-matic) (I'd advice to only search in SYN
packets... could be CPU Hog)

This would need quite a bit of sniffing and/or protocol workout, but
ought to be able to get all the peer-peer protocols without
(Gnutella seems to use "GNUTELLA CONNECT/0.4", e.g.)

> Thanks in advance.
> A. Reguly

Christian Wendt

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