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Re: Firewall for IIS using virtual servers? 2nd

Hello Group,

some time ago i asked this question here:
>> Hello Group,
>> i'd like to set up a firewall using debian to 'protect' an IIS 5.0/W2K Server with virtual servers.
>> Should look like this:
>>   INET  -- 2*2MBit --  LINUX -- IIS
>> the administrator of my ISP told me that this scenario would not allow virtual servers on the IIS! I doubt that but 
>> like to ask someone before setting this up!
>> Has anyone here similar scenarios running or knows the answer?
>> Thanks in advance,
>>  yours,
>>  Christian

and then last week i tried it out.. With debian potatoe r3 + security updates
first with a simple masquerading scenario only. And it didn't work well :(
On that specific IIS there are 18 virtual domains + 1 so called root domain (which is the first one you create with the IIS)
After putting the masquerading only server between the IIS and the internet like this:

  >>   INET  -- 2*2MBit --                LINUX                 --           IIS
                old.ip.from.iis  -  -

the so called root domain worked perfectly, but all the virtual domains were "Page not found"...

the administrator of my ISP said it had to do with DNS requests the IIS does to look up the virtual domains?!

now i'm really clueless! Anybody any idea why this can happen?

Thanks in advance,


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