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Bridging firewall

Hi guys.  A while ago I talked to the folks on this list about building a
bridging firewall.  Now I have the hardware and software in place, so my
next question is about hardening the machine it self.  I guess the goal here
is to get as close to 24/7 uptime as possible.  I have a older machine
(Celeron 300, Abit BH6, 128mb RAM), so I replaced all the likely stuff to
die (hard disk and power supply).  The processor and motherboard have always
been reliable, so I'm not going to worry to much about them.  Now the real
question is about software.  What should go (like telnet, ftp, nfs etc), and
what should stay or be added (eg ssh).  Also has anyone played with spinning
down hard drives with hdparm?  Seems to me if we're not using it we might as
well spin it down and not wear it out.


Matthew Kopishke

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