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Re: ipmasqadm portfw

At 16:04 05.09.01, you wrote:
>    # Send HTTP traffic to web server
>    /usr/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L $localip 80 -R $webserver 80
>$ nmap localhost
>    Port       State       Service
>    22/tcp     open        ssh
>    25/tcp     open        smtp
>Shouldn't I see port 80 in this scan?

No, cause you don't provide any service on localhost:80. There's no daemon listening at port 80 on this machine. If a packet comes from outside to your $localip:80 it'll be forwarded to the ipadress of your webserver.
I've tried your settings and it'S the same result here.

#nmap localhost

Starting nmap V. 2.12 by Fyodor (fyodor@dhp.com, www.insecure.org/nmap/)
Interesting ports on localhost (
Port    State       Protocol  Service
25      open        tcp        smtp
113     open        tcp        auth

#nmap $localip (eth0)
Interesting ports on jupiter.schnellinger.dyndns.org (
Port    State       Protocol  Service
22      open        tcp        ssh
25      open        tcp        smtp
113     open        tcp        auth


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